Human Behavior

There is definitely no logic to human behavior.

Georgia has its own poll-unskewers

Can you trust the accuracy of poll numbers that show a relatively close race between Gov. Nathan Deal and Democratic challenger Jason Carter? Some Republican bloggers are skeptical . . .

Tags: 2012 presidential race , Buzz Brockway , Dean Chambers , GOP bloggers , governor\'s race , Matt Towery , Todd Rehm , unskewed polls

Chapman’s nuclear cost bill didn’t move, but his point was made

One Georgia lawmaker was able to accomplish his legislative goals even though his bill did not pass -- here's how it happened . . .

Tags: cost overruns , Georgia Power , Jeff Chapman , Plant Vogtle nuclear units , PSC

Georgia may be missing a huge revenue opportunity

Georgia needs new sources of state tax revenue -- Colorado provides one possible alternative towards that end . . .

Tags: legalized marijuana , tax revenues

King’s birthday celebration didn’t always end well

A journalist recalls a time when the public reaction to Martin Luther King Jr. and his civil rights associates wasn't quite as positive as it is today . . .

Tags: Forsyth County , martin luther king jr. , Molly Read Woo , white reaction

Why does Sheriff Miller hate our job creators?

The esteemed sheriff of Douglas County has just learned that when you play the Hollywood game, you play it by Hollywood's rules . . .

Tags: A&E , Douglas County , Duck Dynasty , Phil Miller , Phil Robertson

There was a time when we worked together

Thinking about the real lesson of Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims who settled in Massachusetts Bay . . .

Tags: Mayflower Compact , pilgrims , Thanksgiving

There’s one born every minute

Once again, Georgia politicians are suckered into falling for the scam that a sports stadium will pay back the money local governments invest in building it; some people never learn . . .

Tags: Braves baseball stadium , Cobb County , Tim Lee

Georgia faces a generational choice in politics

Jason Carter provides some interesting contrasts to Gov. Nathan Deal in the upcoming race for governor . . .

Tags: governor\'s race , Jason Carter , Jimmy Carter , Nathan Deal

The vanity candidates will always be with us

Here's to the candidates who qualify to run in races they have absolutely no chance at all of winning . . .

Tags: Campaigns+Elections , vanity candidates

Another view: Georgia Hospitals Crucial to State Economy

Earl Rogers of the Georgia Hospital Association warns that many hospitals, which are usually the largest employer in their community, are financially threatened by cuts in Medicaid and Medicare payments . . .

Tags: Earl Rogers , financial difficulties , Georgia Hospital Association , hospitals , Medicaid payments
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