Human Behavior

There is definitely no logic to human behavior.

A pollster offers some thoughts on why polls can be so far apart

The Landmark Communications president, Mark Rountree, talks about how polls are done and how they can reach different conclusions on political races . . .

Tags: governor\'s race , Landmark Communications , Mark Rountree , polling , Senate race

Studying Medical Cannabis in Georgia

State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) says one child who might have been helped by the medical marijuana bill that did not pass in this year's legislative session has died; can others be helped? . . .

Tags: Allen Peake , cannabis oil , medical marijuana

The movie business is great, except for the lack of workers

Gov. Nathan Deal and Sen. Jason Carter have differing takes on the state of the movie business in Georgia . . .

Tags: Jason Carter , Nathan Deal , tax breaks , TV and film production , workforce training

Geography was destiny in some political races

The conventional wisdom a year ago was that Jack Kingston would have problems in the Senate race because he wasn't that well known outside the coastal region; it was the coastal region that delivered the votes to put him into the runoff with David Perdue . . .

Tags: GOP primary , Jack Kingston , karen handel , Senate race

Another example of the perils inherent in cutting off your nose to spite your face

Georgia has turned down more than $3 billion a year in federal funding under Obamacare for purely political reasons -- but the state is still stuck with paying an extra $90 million a year for new Medicaid enrollees . . .

Tags: Medicaid expansion , Nathan Deal , Obamacare

Citizen involvement is key to DeKalb government reform

An attorney who was involved in the current shaping of DeKalb County's form of government raises some useful questions about the rush to incorporate new municipalities . . .

Tags: CEO form of government , DeKalb County , incorporation of new cities

Be careful in reading the pre-election polls — they can lead you astray

Not every poll is an accurate one -- a lesson that will be learned anew by political observers when the primary election ballots are counted . . .

Tags: inaccurate polls , primary elections

This time they did it right

Gov. Nathan Deal vetoes a really bad bill and signs a really good bill to wrap up his actions on this year's pile of legislation . . .

Tags: HOPE Grants , Mark Hamilton , Nathan Deal , private probation firms , Stacey Evans , Technical colleges

The ‘Guns everywhere’ law could have unintended consequences

Allowing more guns to be carried in public places could have a disastrous effect in Georgia, as it has in other states . . .

Tags: gun carry bill , Nathan Deal

What impact will Obamacare have on elections?

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been a success, nationwide -- but will it have any effect, positively or negatively, on Georgia's elections this year? . . .

Tags: enrollments , health insurance exchanges , Obamacare
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