Voters still do the best job of enforcing term limits

Even without a term limits law, there has been a robust turnover of the members of the Georgia General Assembly over the past decade . . .

Tags: Campaigns+Elections , Georgia legislators , legislative turnover , term limits

Studying medical cannabis in Georgia

State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) says one child who might have been helped by the medical marijuana bill that did not pass in this year's legislative session has died; can others be helped? . . .

Tags: Allen Peake , cannabis oil , medical marijuana

Elections should be about the future, even in Georgia

Elections are usually about the future, but Georgia's statewide campaigns are dominated by images from the past . . .

Tags: governor\'s race , Jason Carter , Jimmy Carter , Michelle Nunn , Nathan Deal , Sam Nunn , Senate race , Zell Miller

If you want better highways, you’ll have to pay for them

It's a basic fact of governance: to provide the services your constituents expect, you have to levy taxes to pay for these services. Will Georgia's lawmakers be able to do that? . . .

Tags: highway construction , Jay Roberts , Keith Golden , public-private projects , Ray LaHood , taxes

The movie business is great, except for the lack of workers

Gov. Nathan Deal and Sen. Jason Carter have differing takes on the state of the movie business in Georgia . . .

Tags: Jason Carter , Nathan Deal , tax breaks , TV and film production , workforce training

What color is your state? Red, blue or purple?

Will Georgia's shrinking white population foretell a political shift from red to purple? One analyst says that is not the case . . .

Tags: blue state , purple state , Red state , Sean Trende , white voters

Lessons that could be learned from the runoff election

Voters, candidates, and journalists can learn some valuable lessons from the results of Georgia's runoff elections . . .

Tags: Chris McDaniel , David Perdue , endorsements , Eric Cantor , inaccurate polls , Jack Kingston , runoff elections , Senate race , tea partiers , Thad Cochran

Why Johnny can’t go to college

Georgia keeps raising college tuition to ever-higher rates, pricing many students out of a college education -- and those tuition increases also help maintain huge compensation packages for college presidents . . .

Tags: Bud Peterson , college presidents , michael adams , presidential compensation , record-high tuition rates , University System

The end of a long runoff campaign is finally in sight

Georgia voters will decide the outcomes of three important statewide races in the upcoming runoff elections . . .

Tags: Alisha Morgan , David Perdue , Jack Kingston , Michelle Nunn , Mike Buck , Richard Woods , runoff elections , Senate election , state school superintendent , Valarie Wilson

Will we be able to replace the entertaining talents of Paul Broun? The answer is ‘yes’

Don't worry. Even with the impending departure of Paul Broun from the U.S. House, Georgia voters can elect some worthy replacements for the comedic congressman . . .

Tags: Barry Loudermilk , Bob Barr , Bob Johnson , comedic congressmen , Paul Broun
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