Human Behavior

There is definitely no logic to human behavior.

For many hospitals, the prognosis is grim

More rural hospitals are in danger of closing down as state officials continue to reject the federal funds that would come here with the expansion of Medicaid coverage . . .

Tags: hospitals , Medicaid expansion

Georgia legislators reach the session’s halfway point

A rundown of what's been accomplished during the first few weeks of a relatively slow General Assembly session . . .

Tags: General Assembly , session accomplishments

Does the governor have a magic formula for schools?

Gov. Nathan Deal proposes his magical formula for improving public schools by having the state take them over -- will it work any better than other magical formulas proposed by other governors? . . .

Tags: Nathan Deals , school takeover

School workers shouldn’t be denied health coverage

Business as usual at the capitol, as the leadership proposes pay raises for high-salaried judges while yanking health insurance coverage from low-paid school employees . . .

Tags: insurance coverage , pay raises , school employees

Legislators propose a ‘tax grab’ for the state’s transportation infrastructure needs

The legislation for a transportation tax increase has been introduced -- can the tea party faction block it? . . .

Tags: General Assembly , transportation tax increase

Will the legislature be able to come up with more funding for transportation?

Considering the aversion the majority party has towards any kind of tax increase, it's hard to believe the Legislature will be able to pass a transportation funding bill this session . . .

Tags: General Assembly , transportation funding

Why HB 1 is Still Crucial for Georgia Citizens

Even though the medical marijuana bill has been cut back somewhat, Rep. Allen Peake argues that it's still important for legislators to pass it . . .

Tags: Allen Peake , medical marijuana

The budget shows what the state really wants to do

What do our state's political leaders actually think is important, as opposed to what they claim is important? Look at where they're putting the taxpayers' money . . .

Tags: budget priorities , Legislature , Nathan Deal

If you make promises, you should remember to keep them

In their first days as congressmen, Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk have some explaining to do to their constituents . . .

Tags: Barry Loudermilk , Jody Hice , political promises

Tough political challenges lie ahead this year

Looking ahead to some knotty problems that Georgia politicians may or may not be able to unravel this year . . .

Tags: challenges for 2015 , Georgia politics
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