Human Behavior

There is definitely no logic to human behavior.

Tom and Zell, and the ways they changed

There are some fascinating parallels between the political careers of Tom Watson and Zell Miller, two Georgians who began as populists and changed into something entirely different . . .

Tags: Tom Watson , Zell Miller

Voters should examine, choose school board candidates carefully

The director of the Georgia School Boards Association cautions voters in Atlanta, and elsewhere, to take the time to evaluate the candidates running for their local school board . . .

Tags: Georgia School Boards Association , school board elections , Sis Henry

Saxby and Johnny are the adults in the room

Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson try to talk some sense to the tea partiers who insisted on shutting down the federal government . . .

Tags: federal government shutdown , Johnny Isakson , Obamacare , Saxby Chambliss , Tom Graves

Some interesting numbers might shake up the races

Two familiar names in Georgia politics, Nunn and Carter, may be back on the Georgia ballot in next year's elections; there are some poll numbers that show they could make an impact in their races . . .

Tags: Jason Carter , Jimmy Carter , Michelle Nunn , Sam Nunn

Will Obamacare be its own death panel?

An error-filled website shuts down the attempted rollout of the Affordable Care Act's health insurance exchanges -- it could be the death of the whole law . . .

Tags: ACA , health insurance exchanges , Obamacare , website

He’s right, up to a point . . .

There are way too many counties in Georgia, a point made most recently by attorney Randy Evans, who probably should confer with the lawmakers from his own party . . .

Tags: Georgia counties , Jan Jones , Kil Townsend , local governments , Randy Evans

A federal default would hurt Georgia

Georgia's Republican members in the U.S. House support a federal government shutdown -- but they're not doing their home state any favors . . .

Tags: federal government shutdown , Georgia congressional delegation , Johnny Isakson

Deal maintains an old political tradition

If you're a Georgia politician, you can never go wrong by attacking the Atlanta newspapers . . .

Tags: Atlanta newspapers , controversy , Nathan Deal , State Ethics Commission

Georgia turns students away from its colleges

One of the biggest reasons that enrollment keeps declining in the University System is that a college education is being priced out of the reach of more high school graduates . . .

Tags: enrollment decline , University System

State Democrats try to set new course with a new leader

Georgia Democrats elect a new state party chairman; will he be able to make a difference? . . .

Tags: dubose porter , Georgia Democratic Party
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