Human Behavior

There is definitely no logic to human behavior.

How is the Senate race shaking out?

Georgia's Republican Senate primary seems to be taking shape as businessman David Perdue grabs a lead in early polls . . .

Tags: David Perdue , GOP primary , Jack Kingston , karen handel , Paul Broun , Phil Gingrey , Senate race

It’s all over for another year under the Gold Dome

The final assessment of this year's legislative session: good for gunowners, bad for children . . .

Tags: General Assembly , major issues

Why are Georgia’s legislators acting like a bunch of liberals?

A very conservative Legislature is passing some very progressive pieces of Legislation. What's up with that? . . .

Tags: General Assembly , progressive legislation

Georgia sets the table for this year’s elections

With the end of qualifying week, the ballots for this election year start to shape up . . .

Tags: Georgia elections , qualifying , veteran legislators

We already have the strongest religious protection in the world

One by one, state prohibitions against same-sex marriages are being struck down; how long will it be until Georgia's ban is overturned? . . .

Tags: gay marriage , Jan Brewer , Josh McKoon , state prohibitions

Chapman’s nuclear cost bill didn’t move, but his point was made

One Georgia lawmaker was able to accomplish his legislative goals even though his bill did not pass -- here's how it happened . . .

Tags: cost overruns , Georgia Power , Jeff Chapman , Plant Vogtle nuclear units , PSC

Georgia’s House leaders attack one of their own

There are times when you can even be too conservative for the conservative leadership of the General Assembly -- just ask newly elected Rep. Sam Moore . . .

Tags: Conservatives , David Ralston , Sam Moore , sex offenders

Watch what they do, not what they say

By introducing a bill to shift the authority to expand Medicaid coverage from the governor to the General Assembly, the legislative leadership betrays its concern about a Democrat possibly winning the governor's race . . .

Tags: David Ralston , Jason Carter , Medicaid expansion , Nathan Deal

They said the legislative session would be a quick one — and they meant it

At this point, the only thing that could know the General Assembly off its current path to a short session is a late-breaking argument over the gun carry bill . . .

Tags: General Assembly , short session

Georgia may be missing a huge revenue opportunity

Georgia needs new sources of state tax revenue -- Colorado provides one possible alternative towards that end . . .

Tags: legalized marijuana , tax revenues
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