Perdue discloses transition, inauguration funds

The committee that handled Gov. Sonny Perdue’s transition and inauguration activities released a financial disclosure report Friday that indicated the committee had received nearly $1.3 million in cash contributions from corporations, lobbyists and other contributors as of Dec. 31.

That amount did not include the money received for ticket sales to the governor’s Jan. 13 inauguration at Philips Arena. The transition team said PriceWaterhouseCoopers will conduct an audit of the committee’s finances, and that audit and a final list of contributors will be publicly released.

“In light of the current state budgetary shortfall, the governor also announced that these [transition and inauguration] activities would be funded by private contributions, rather than accepting state funding,” the transition committee said in a prepared statement.

“No cash contributions were accepted in excess of $50,000, which is at, or below, the high end of contributions made in support of prior transitions and inaugurations of the governor of Georgia and mayor of Atlanta,” the committee said. “In the few instances in which in-kind contributions, coupled with any cash contributions, exceeded the $50,000 limit, the excess amount has been or will be refunded.”

Cash contributions greater than $1,000

AAA Concrete Products, Inc. $5,000

Acuity Brands, Inc. 10,000

AFLAC 50,000

AGL Resources 50,000

Alltel Georgia 25,000

Alston & Bird 10,000

David Ball 5,000

Bank of America 50,000

BellSouth 50,000

James Bishop 2,500

Arthur Blank 15,000

Blue Cross Blue Shield 25,000

Bowen Builders Group, Inc. 15,000

Brand Banking Company 10,000

Robert Burton 15,000

C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. 10,000

Capitol Health Systems, Inc. 2,000

Joseph Cheeley 5,000

Chokee Enterprises, LLC 15,000

Cingular Wireless LLC 7,500

Coca Cola 50,000

Colonial Pipeline Company 5,000

Construction Suppliers’ Association 3,000

Cousins Properties Inc. 10,000

William Thomas Craig 10,000

Cumberland Comm. Improvement Dist. 25,000

Bradley Currey 2,500

Grace Davis 5,000

Delta Air Lines, Inc. 20,000

Dixie Roadbuilders, Inc. 2,500

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. 5,000

Empire Distributors 5,000

Equifax 10,000

Facility Management Group, Inc. 25,000

J. Sidney Flowers 2,000

Ford Motor Company 15,000

Michael Fowler 5,000

GADPAC 5,000

David Gambrell 5,000

GAMPAC-State 15,000

Genuine Parts Company 20,000

Georgia Automobile Dealers Assn. 25,000

Georgia Poultry Federation, Inc. 5,000

Georgia Power Company 50,000

Kirby Godsey 5,000

GoldKist, Inc. 5,000

H.J. Russell & Company 5,000

HCA/Georgia PAC 25,000

Mark Hennessy 2,500

Joe Tanner & Associates, Inc. 10,000

Billy Jones 10,000

Jordan Jones & Goulding 5,000

Matthew Kramer 1,500

Joe Lee 5,000

Donald Leebern 5,000

C.M. Leger 2,000

Marjorie Leger 2,000

LogistiCare Solutions LLC 2,500

Claud McIver 5,000

McKee Nunnally 5,000

Omni Resource Group 5,000

Progress Energy 5,000

Daniel Rather 2,500

Jamie Reynolds 7,500

Rock-Tenn Company PAC 2,500

Rosser International, Inc. 5,000

Savannah Distributing Co. 5,000

SCANA Energy 25,000

Sea Island Company 50,000

Stephen Sheperd 5,000

Southeastrans, Inc. 6,000

SouthStar Energy Services LLC 15,000

St. Andrews Partners LLC 10,000

John Stephens 10,000

SunTrust 50,000

James Sutherland 2,500

Synovus Financial Corp. 50,000

Ron Terwilliger 5,000

Troutman Sanders LLP 25,000

Truck Rental Company 5,000

Tyson 5,000

United Distributors 5,000

United Parcel Service 50,000

Vulcan Materials Company 5,000

W.C. Bradley Co. 25,000

Wachovia 50,000

Washington Group International 10,000

John Williams 5,000

Williams Group International 50,000

William Young 5,000

In-Kind Contributions (1)

Contributions of Personal and Professional Services

Alston & Bird

Chalmers & Associates

Fred Cooper

Home Depot

King & Spalding


Michael C. Murphy & Associates

McKenna, Long & Aldridge

Owen, Gleaton, Eagan, Jones & Sweeney

Pat Pittard

Alec Poitevint


Southeastern Minerals

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan

Troutman Sanders

Carl Swearingen

Eric Tanenblatt

Contributions of Goods and Related Services

AGCO (2)


Arthur Blank (2)

Atlanta Falcons (2)

Cingular Wireless (3)

Epps Aviation (2)

Flowers Industries (2)

Ga-Met (4)(6)

Georgia Pacific Corporation (5)(6)

Georgia World Congress Center (7)

Graham Construction (2)

IR Club Car (8)

Marta (9)

Motorola (3)

North Highland Consulting (10)

Oglethorpe Power (2)

Shaw Industries (11)

State of Georgia, including the University of Georgia (12)

Thomas Enterprises (2)

Turner Broadcasting System (13)

Waffle House (2)


(1) Incidental contributions not listed

(2) Aircraft transportation

(3) Cell phone service/equipment

(4) Office space and service

(5) Computer hardware, software and services

(6) Ga-Met and Georgia Pacific Corporation are related parties. Together, the two companies provided office space and related facilities and services. The office space had been recently vacated and was not being leased during the term of the transition. Although the value of the space was substantial from the standpoint of the transition team, it resulted in no out-of-pocket cost to the owner, Ga-Met. Because the total out-of-pocket expenses of the two companies exceeded the $50,000 self-imposed maximum limitation, the two combined companies will be reimbursed to the extent out-of-pocket expenses exceeded $50,000.

(7) Inaugural Celebration location

(8) Electric car service at the Georgia World Congress Center

(9) Downtown shuttle bus service inauguration day

(10) Software consulting services

(11) Carpet

(12) Budget planning

(13) Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony (Philips Arena and mobile TV equipment)

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