Deal signs health insurance bill


Before he departed on his business trip to Europe, Gov. Nathan Deal signed legislation, HB 47, that will allow consumers to buy health insurance policies from other states.

Business lobbyists had urged passage of HB 47 as a way for small business owners to buy affordable insurance coverage. Consumer advocates, on the other hand, said the bill would result in a “race to the bottom” where health insurers would move to states with little regulation of the industry and sell sub-standard coverage to Georgians.

Deal also signed these measures last week:

HB 49 changes the name of the State Board of Technical and Adult Education to the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia.

HB 92 reduces the early voting period in state elections from 45 days to 21 days prior to election day. The law also requires that counties allow early voting on at least one Saturday before election day.

HB 454 allows Secretary of State Brian Kemp to name the date of Georgia’s 2012 presidential primary – a decision that must be made by Dec. 1. The primary date can’t be any later than the second Tuesday in June or any sooner than Jan. 30.

HB 186 will expand diploma options for high school students, regardless of whether they plan to go on to college or to begin their work career after high school.

HB 192 creates the Joint Higher Education Finance Study Committee to recommend revisions in the QBE formula for K-12 education funding.

SB 100 will enable graduates of the Excelsior Nursing School to be licensed as registered nurses.

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