EPD grants permit for coal-fired power plant


The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has modified and re-issued an air pollution permit that will allow construction to move forward on a $2 billion coal-fired power generation plant in Sandersville.

The permit for Plant Washington was held up last December when Administrative Law Judge Ronit Walker ruled that EPD had not analyzed test data sufficiently to justify the fine particle and organic air toxin limits in the air quality permit. She asked the agency to reconsider the two issues.

Those limits were revised and modified this year to bring them into line with federal rules and the new permit was issued Monday, according to Jac Capp, head of EPD’s air quality branch.

Environmental organizations that have been fighting the Plant Washington project have not disclosed whether they will oppose the re-issuance of the air quality permit.

Plant Washington is an 850-megawatt generation facility that would be the first coal-fired plant built in Georgia in more than 25 years.

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