Bill would require issuance of child-only health policies


Legislation that would require health insurers in Georgia to offer child-only health insurance policies — HB 1166 – has been introduced in the state House of Representatives.

Insurance companies recently stopped offering these policies in Georgia but HB 1166 would require them to make this coverage available for children under the age of 19 “without imposing any preexisting condition exclusions” as a requirement for selling individual health policies here.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Alex Atwood (R-Brunswick) and is co-sponsored by Rep. Richard Smith (R-Columbus), chairman of the House Insurance Committee.

The measure is supported by healthcare and children’s advocacy groups such as Georgians for a Healthy Future.

They noted that the bill, if passed, would make health coverage available to children whose parents don’t have dependent coverage in their employer-provided health insurance and to families who are financially ineligible for Medicaid or PeachCare coverage.

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