Huckaby sounds warning over lack of college pay raises


Georgia’s college instructors have not received a pay raise in so long that they are increasingly being recruited away by other states and are even being poached by local K-12 school systems, Chancellor Hank Huckaby told legislators.

“It’s getting very, very difficult, and I’m concerned about it,” said Huckaby, noting that faculty and staff employees of the University System have not had a pay raise in five years. “Other states don’t come after our weakest faculty, they come after our very best.”

Huckaby made the comments to the House and Senate appropriations committees, which opened three days of public hearings Tuesday on the $19.8 billion state budget proposed by Gov. Nathan Deal.

At some of the state’s 31 public colleges, “some of their faculty are being recruited away by the local high school,” Huckaby said. “They’re paying more money than our local college.”

“There’s a point at which we have got to find a way to provide salary increases for our staff and faculty,” Huckaby said. “Also, it’s a morale issue.”

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