Barr, Sheldon among leaders in congressional fundraising

Former congressman Bob Barr and state Rep. Donna Sheldon (R-Dacula) were the most prolific fundraisers in the round of campaign disclosure reports posted by the Federal Election Commission this week.

Barr, who’s running for the soon-to-be-vacated seat in Northwest Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, reported total contributions of $249,182 during the quarter that ended June 30, the highest total among the four major candidates in that race. Barr spent $102,442, leaving himself with $146,740 cash on hand.

Sheldon, who’s running for a vacant seat in the 10th Congressional District, amassed $210,160 in contributions in that race and spent just $34,665, which means she had a cash balance of $175,494 for the quarter.

With U.S. Reps. Phil Gingrey (11th District), Paul Broun (10th District) and Jack Kingston (1st District) running for Saxby Chambliss’ Senate seat, there are three open House seats that are attracting a herd of GOP primary candidates.

The 11th District race will be one of the highest-expenditure campaigns on the ballot next year, judging from the initial round of FEC disclosure reports.

State Rep. Ed Lindsey (R-Atlanta) reported $157,898 in contributions and loaned his campaign $15,000. He has spent just $8,873 and has $164,024 cash on hand.

Lindsey has been tapping into his network of legislative colleagues to raise money for this congressional race.

He reported contributions from Reps. Larry O’Neal, Allen Peake, Ron Stephens, Joe Wilkinson, Harry Geisinger, Jan Jones, Jon Burns, Brooks Coleman, Bubber Epps, Mike Jacobs, Jay Powell, Robert Dickey, Regina Quick, Terry Rogers, Wendell Willard, Mark Hamilton, Chuck Martin, Don Parsons, Buzz Brockway, Joyce Chandler, Geoff Duncan, Mandi Ballinger, Bruce Broadrick, Johnnie Caldwell, Dan Gasaway, B. J. Pak, Barbara Sims, Randy Nix, Stephen Allison, Brian Strickland, Greg Morris, John Meadows, Mike Dudgeon, Paul Battles, David Knight, Katie Dempsey, Lynn Smith, Valerie Clark, Matt Hatchett, Jan Tankersley, Jason Shaw, John Carson, Penny Houston, Barry Fleming, Sam Watson, Sharon Cooper, and Lynne Riley.

State Sens. Jeff Mullis and Fran Millar have also contributed to Lindsey.

Republican activist Tricia Pridemore of Cobb County reported $93,254 in contributions, loaned her campaign $50,000, spent $11,349 and had $131,905 cash on hand.

Pridemore’s early contributors include PSC Chairman Chuck Eaton, lobbyists Chandler Haydon, Pete Robinson, Terry Mathews and Joe Tanner, consultant Jay Morgan, Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection administrator John Sours, retired Cobb sheriff Bill Hutson, Cobb EMC President Chip Nelson, ambulance company owner Bo Pounds, and former legislator Judy Manning.

State Sen. Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville) pulled in $97,174 in contributions and spent $35,016, leaving $62,157 cash on hand.

Loudermilk reported donations from state Sens. Charlie Bethel, Buddy Carter, Mike Crane, John Albers, Charles Hufstetler, Steve Gooch, and Bill Ligon, as well as Reps. John Meadows, Calvin Hill, Doug Holt, and Mike Dudgeon, and former legislators Sean Jerguson, Charlice Byrd and Gene Maddox.

In the 10th Congressional District primary, Sheldon has competition from talk show host Jody Hice, Mike Collins (the son of former congressman Mac Collins) and Lexington attorney Gary Gerrard.

Collins raised $67,110 and loaned his campaign $50,000 – he spent $20,463, so he still had $96,647 cash on hand.

Hice reported contributions of $81,116 and expenditures of $15,006, with a cash balance of $66,109. Gerrard had $23,530 in contributions and loaned his campaign $40,000; he spent $22,247 and had $41,282 cash on hand.

The campaign disclosure reports are also trickling in for the 1st Congressional District race.

State Rep. Jeff Chapman (R-Brunswick), a recent entrant into the Republican primary race, reported initial contributions of $31,600 and spent just $366, so he had a cash balance of $31,233.

Political consultant David Schwarz had contributions of $130,650, expenditures of $25,082 and available cash of $105,567.

State Sen. Buddy Carter (R-Pooler) earlier reported he raised $232,837 during the first two months of his campaign, a total that includes a $100,000 personal loan.

Bob Johnson, a Savannah physician, raised $107,375, which included $65,000 in the form of a personal loan to the campaign.

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