Reed launches reelection campaign, indicates he’ll stay put

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed formally kicked off his reelection campaign Monday at City Hall, entering a race that is expected to be much easier for him this time around.

Reed left the Georgia Senate in 2009 to run for mayor and narrowly defeated City Councilwoman Mary Norwood by less than 1,000 votes in a hard-fought runoff election.

In the 2013 mayor’s race, on the other hand, Reed is expected to have only token opposition from fringe candidates and is the overwhelming favorite to win another term as the city’s chief executive.

At Monday’s announcement, he tried to reassure supporters that he plans to serve the entire term in office rather than leave early, perhaps, to make a run for some statewide office such as senator.

“I don’t want any other job or to be doing any other thing,” Reed said.

Reed has become, by default, the most powerful Democrat serving in elected office in Georgia.

He wields considerable influence because of his close ties to the Obama White House and through his alliances with Republican Gov. Nathan Deal on such projects as the construction of new football stadium in Atlanta and the ports expansion in Savannah.

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