Spencer rages at killing of anti-Obamacare bill

The anti-Obamacare legislation introduced with great fanfare by Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) is likely dead for this session, and Spencer is beside himself with anger over the development.

The “death panel” that put Spencer’s HB 707 to sleep was the Senate Rules Committee, which agreed Monday to table the bill, an action that all but guarantees the measure won’t get a vote before the session adjourns Thursday.

“That eleventh hour betrayal effectively killed the bill, but it could still be brought back to life by an amendment of companion legislation,” Spencer said.

The second-term lawmaker plans to hold a news conference Tuesday to vent some more about the leadership’s decision to put down his bill, which would have prohibited state agencies from implementing major provisions of Obamacare or assisting citizens who had issues with the federal healthcare law.

“Tomorrow, I will identify the Republican Benedict Arnolds, the King George the Third and his myrmidons who shipwrecked [the] pathbreaking, patriotic bill to prevent the federal Leviathan from commandeering the machinery of state government or resources to enforce ill-conceived federal health insurance mandates,” Spencer said.

“A patriot saves his country from his government,” he added. “HB 707 would have been the first occasion in a century to draw a constitutional line against state complicity in endless federal encroachments.”

Even with Spencer’s bill apparently laid to rest, the Legislature is expected to pass another anti-Obamacare bill, HB 990. That bill would make it more difficult to implement Medicaid expansion, another major provision of the federal healthcare law.

In other developments Monday, there were clear signs that bills creating new cities of Lakeside or Tucker in DeKalb County would be pulled from any further consideration this session.

Additionally, the House Rules Committee killed a related bill, SB 95, that was introduced by Republican lawmakers to require non-partisan elections for the top elected position in DeKalb County, the chief executive officer.

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