Blue Cross will administer University System health plan

The Board of Regents has selected Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia to continue in its role for 2015 as administrator of the health insurance plan that covers University System professors and other employees.

The Regents have also endorsed a consulting committee’s recommendation to keep Kaiser Permanente as the provider of an optional HMO for employees in the Atlanta and Athens areas.

CVS Caremark was picked as the pharmacy benefits manager for the University System health plan, which is roughly one-sixth the size of the State Health Benefits Plan that provides insurance coverage for public school teachers and state employees (the University System pays out about $500 million a year in benefits compared to $3 billion for the SHBP).

Blue Cross Blue Shield is also the third-party administrator of the State Health Benefits Plan, which gives the company a commanding position in the state’s market for government employees’ health insurance coverage.

The Board of Regents has scheduled a vote at its August meeting on the premiums and plan design for the health insurance plan.

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