Deal’s spokesman launches Twitter attack on AJC

Gov. Nathan Deal’s press spokesman, Brian Robinson, went to war on the Twitter front this week with Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman over the results of a governor’s race poll commissioned by the AJC.

That poll showed Deal leading Democratic challenger Jason Carter by a 46-43 margin.

The survey also indicated that “a majority of Georgia voters are aware that former state ethics commission director Stacey Kalberman won a $700,000 judgment on her claim she was forced from her job for too vigorously investigating complaints against Deal. Some 58 percent signaled they agreed with that jury verdict, and 71 percent believe Deal was involved.”

The ethics question on the AJC poll seems to have set Robinson off, as he tweeted Monday: “Sample AJC poll question: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being probably and 10 being definitely, how likely is Nathan Deal to stomp puppies?”

Bookman replied: “Do you make up a poll question because you can’t take issue with the actual questions. which are freely available?”

Robinson: “Jay, yall are so transparently biased that it’s difficult to even parody”

Bookman: “So cite a question with biased wording from the poll. From what you’re saying It ought to be easy, right?”

Robinson: “Why do Ds outnumber Rs in a Red State sample? In a year where D turnout will be suppressed?”

Bookman: “Because one, it is registered voters, not likely voters. Two, because a lot of conservatives don’t call themselves Republican”

Bookman: “Also, I seem to remember a lot of similar complaints about ‘skewed polling’ from Republicans in 2012. How’d that turn out?”

Robinson: “I didn’t say that in 2012. But NBC — that bastion of conservatism — released a poll today having us up by 10. Hmmm”

Bookman: “and that NBC poll ALSO shows more Ds than Rs, correct? And for the same reason as the AJC poll does.”

Robinson, who is a former AJC copy editor, tweets under the handle “Lord Tinsdale,” the name of a character from the romance novel “The Most Wicked of Sins,” by Kathryn Caskie. Robinson refers to his office at the capitol as “Lord Tinsdale’s Pirate Republic.”

Robinson was formerly an aide to U.S. Reps. Phil Gingrey and Lynn Westmoreland before going to work for Deal in the 2010 governor’s race.

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