Hudgens: Repeal Obamacare ‘in its entirety’

Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, who vowed last year that his office would do “everything in our power” to obstruct the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), called Sunday for the repeal of the federal healthcare law “in its entirety.”

Hudgens urged the repeal of Obamacare several times during a televised debate at the Georgia Public Broadcasting studio with his general election rivals, Democrat Liz Johnson and Libertarian Ted Metz.

“Mr. Metz, do you agree with me that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed in its entirety?” Hudgens asked Metz.

Metz agreed with Hudgens’ statement and said the ACA was “nothing more than a big tax giveaway to the corporations that run healthcare.” At another point in the debate, Metz contended the ACA was “an unconstitutional act to begin with.”

“The Affordable Care Act has not delivered what it promised and I think we need to repeal it,” Hudgens added.

Johnson, on the other hand, supported the ACA and the expansion of Medicaid coverage under the act, which she said would provide large numbers of Georgians with access to healthcare.

“It is so critical because hundreds of thousands, up to a million, Georgians are uninsured and this gives them a chance to be insured,” Johnson said.

“Every Georgia citizen should have access to affordable healthcare, which includes Medicaid expansion,” Johnson said.

Hudgens, who is running for a second term as insurance commissioner, is leading both Johnson and Metz in the polls of this statewide race.

Johnson asked Hudgens about another newsworthy comment he made late last year in which Hudgens implied it was a person’s own fault if they happened to have a pre-existing medical condition that made it difficult or impossible to get insurance coverage.

Hudgens walked back that comment in answering Johnson’s question: “Pre-existing conditions are beyond the person’s control. They just happen.”

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