Georgia is part of coalition suing Obama on immigration

Republican attorneys general from 17 states, including Georgia, have joined to sue President Barack Obama over his executive order deferring the deportation of an estimated five million undocumented immigrants.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Texas does not request monetary damages but asks for a court order blocking the president’s actions, which have infuriated Republicans at the congressional and state levels.

“There is no question that immigration reform is needed,” Attorney General Sam Olens said after the lawsuit was filed. “However, President Obama’s unconstitutional, short-term action only adds to uncertainty faced by those wishing to live in our country.”

Olens cited a statement Obama made in 2011: “I can’t solve this problem by myself. . . . We’re going to have to change the laws in Congress.”

“It is unfortunate that the president has decided to change course,” Olens said.

Since Obama made that 2011 statement about the need for congressional action to change the immigration laws, Congress has been unable to pass such a bill and send it to the president. The Senate approved a comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013 and sent it to the House of Representatives, but the House’s GOP leadership has never called it up for a vote.

U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-Roswell), who’s part of the House Republican leadership, praised the states’ decision to file the latest lawsuit.

“The 17 states, including Georgia, which are helping spearhead the challenge to President Obama’s executive amnesty ought to be commended for their leadership,” Price said.

“In the wake of the president’s unlawful disregard and disrespect for the constitution, elected officials at both the federal and state level must pursue realistic avenues to hold the Obama administration accountable,” Price said.

Some of Price’s colleagues have called for the House to impeach Obama over the immigration orders, but the House leadership has been trying to prevent an impeachment proceeding.

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