SRTA board signs off on I-285/400 project

[private]The State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize the reconfiguration of the I-285/Georgia 400 interchange, a massive highway project that will cost more than $1.1 billion and take an estimated five years to complete.

SRTA signed off on a joint resolution that was passed last week by the State Transportation Board and, in effect, represents the final go-ahead for the proposal.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) told DOT last month it has accepted the environmental assessments for both the interchange, one of the state’s biggest traffic bottlenecks with about 400,000 vehicles using it daily, and the collector-distributor lanes connecting to it.

“We are very deep into the procurement process,” DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry said, with four teams of construction and engineering firms planning to submit bids on the interchange project.

McMurry said the current plan is for DOT to select the winning bidder by Dec. 12, with construction on the interchange starting in 2016 and finishing by 2020.

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