Tucker wins, LaVista Hills losing in cityhood votes

[private]Voters in Tucker agreed overwhelmingly to incorporate DeKalb County’s newest municipality, but the fate of cityhood for the LaVista Hills area was still not known as late returns came in Tuesday night.

In LaVista Hills, the “no” votes barely outnumbered the “yes” votes at 6,925 to 6,789 in the unofficial returns – a margin of only 136 votes.

The provisional votes had still not been counted late Tuesday, according to the DeKalb County elections office, so the final tally had not been confirmed.

If the current margin holds, then cityhood for LaVista Hills will have lost, making it one of the few incorporation efforts not to succeed in the past decade.

There was no doubt about the outcome in Tucker, a community with that name for more than 120 years and an area that many people thought was already incorporated.

Nearly 74 percent voted to incorporate Tucker, which will have a population of 33,000, while just 26 percent of the voters were opposed.

In Brookhaven, a new city created in 2012 by GOP legislators to incorporate a Republican-leaning community, voters elected John Ernst, a Democratic attorney, as the new mayor.

Ernst, who was an aide to former governor Roy Barnes before going to law school, won easily with 87 percent of the vote against Dale Boone, a competitive eater.

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