Marijuana cultivation bill is chopped back

[private]Rep. Allen Peake’s push to legalize the cultivation of medical marijuana in Georgia seemed to hit its final hurdle Monday in the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.

The committee removed the cultivation provisions from HB 722, leaving only language that would expand the list of medical conditions that qualify for cannabis oil treatments.

With the most substantive part of the bill gone, Peake (R-Macon) acknowledged that the cultivation issue won’t make it this session.

If he’s reelected to another term in the Georgia House – and he’s heavily favored to do that – Peake said he will make another attempt to pass a cultivation bill next year.

Peake engineered the passage of legislation last year that legalized the use of low-potency cannabis oil for the treatment of a specified list of medical conditions.

Because Georgians still have to go out of state to acquire cannabis oil, Peake had hoped to follow up last year’s bill with new legislation allowing the cultivation of marijuana for medical uses.

He could not quite overcome the opposition of Gov. Nathan Deal, as well as criticisms of the bill from law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys, who testified against the cultivation measure at committee hearings.

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