Trump, Clinton maintain Georgia poll leads

[private]A new poll of Georgia voters shows that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are still where they’ve been for the past few months: well ahead of the other candidates in the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries.

The poll commissioned by WSB-TV has Trump in first place among GOP voters at 32 percent, Marco Rubio edging into second place at 23 percent, Ted Cruz at 19 percent, Ben Carson 8 percent and John Kasich 8 percent.

Clinton holds a 72-20 percent advantage over Sen. Bernie Sanders, but that margin could tighten a little before the March 1 primary.

The poll was conducted by conducted by Landmark/Rosetta Stone on Sunday.

Trump is rolling into the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday and the SEC primary next week after a solid win in the South Carolina primary. Clinton defeated Sanders in the Nevada caucuses to retake the lead in the Democratic race.

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