Deal demands changes in ‘campus carry’ bill

[private]Gov. Nathan Deal sent a message to lawmakers Monday that he wants some revisions to “campus carry” legislation before he’ll sign it.

In a statement released by his office, Deal indicated that HB 859, which the House and Senate have already passed, is too flawed for him to sign. He wants a revised bill passed in the four remaining days of the legislative session.

The statement from Deal’s office:

As a lifetime defender and staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, Gov. Deal has signed every pro-gun bill to reach his desk. However, he believes legitimate points have been made in regards to certain aspects of the “campus carry” bill and he calls on the General Assembly to address these concerns in related legislation before Sine Die.

Specifically, these areas of concern include dually enrolled k-12 students who leave school to attend classes at a university or technical college campus, as well as daycare centers on these same campuses.

Deal also believes the governing boards of universities and technical colleges should have the discretion to set reasonable rules regarding disciplinary hearings and faculty and administrative offices. Addressing these issues is an important step in ensuring the safety and freedoms of students, faculty and staff in our institutions of higher learning throughout our state.

The quickest way for the General Assembly to address Deal’s concerns might be through HB 1060, which is still pending.

HB 1060 makes some technical revisions to the state’s gun carry law but could be amended before final passage to include campus carry provisions as well

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