Senate passes weapons bills, but no changes in ‘campus carry’

[private]Two weapons bills were passed Tuesday by the Georgia Senate, but senators did not put any of the “campus carry” revisions requested by Gov. Nathan Deal on either of the measures.

The Senate’s action indicates that lawmakers are not going to make the changes Deal requested last week to the campus firearms bill (HB 859) that is sitting on his desk.

Senators voted 43-12 to pass HB 792, which allows students to carry tasers, stun guns and other electroshock weapons on college campuses.

The only objection to the taser bill came from Sen. Elena Parent (D-Atlanta).

“Sometimes these do kill,” Parent noted. “They do have the capacity to kill at times. . . Can’t you just see them becoming the new fraternity hazing thing?”

The Senate then voted 37-18 to adopt HB 1060, which makes some minor revisions to the “Guns Everywhere” bill enacted two years ago.

The text of a another gun bill, SB 282, was also added to HB 1060. SB 282 would require Georgia’s banks to provide financial services to persons and businesses that sell firearms.

Banking industry associations opposed the passage of SB 282, and Senate Democrats said the bill interfered with the ability of banks to maintain business relationships with their customers.

“What we are doing today is tantamount to hijacking,” Sen. Emanuel Jones (D-Decatur) said. “We’re hijacking our banks.”

“Don’t you think it’s kind of dangerous if we carve out special classifications?” asked Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson (D-Tucker).

HB 1060 now goes back to the House of Representatives for agreement.

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