Sabal Trail pipeline blocked for this session

[private]The state House of Representativea delivered the final blow Thursday to the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline that would have extended through southwest Georgia.

House members voted 167-0 to pass SR 954, a bill granting state property easements for various utility projects – with an amendment that deleted the easements necessary for the Sabal pipeline to cross under five rivers.

The House vote essentially blocks the pipeline, at least for this year.

Gov. Nathan Deal and the Georgia Chamber lobbied for the passage of the Sabal Trail easements, but environmentalists and legislators representing districts from southwest Georgia objected to the project because they said it would endanger water quality.

One of the strongest arguments against the pipeline easements came from Rep. Regina Quick (R-Athens) in a well-crafted speech to House colleagues on Tuesday.

“With this amendment (removing the Sabal Trail easements), we can now call this the Quick Trail,” said Rep. Johnnie Caldwell (R-Thomaston).

The Sabal pipeline would extend from Alabama through Georgia and terminate in Florida, where it would benefit two utilities: Duke Energy and Florida Power & Light.

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