With Dooley’s support, Trump continues attacks on Clinton, Obama

[private]Before Donald Trump even got started Wednesday at the Fox Theater, he summoned a guy familiar to college football fans up to the lectern for an endorsement: retired UGA coach and athletic director Vince Dooley.

Dooley, his voice sounding as raspy as two sheets of sandpaper rubbing together, delivered for the presumptive Republican nominee: “God bless America, God bless Donald. The people have spoken.”

With the old coach’s backing, Trump blew through a presentation at his rally that lasted nearly an hour, continuing to rant against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

In particular, Trump blamed Clinton and Obama, along with the world’s Muslim communities, for the Sunday massacre in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. that killed 49 people.

“We had a horrible, horrible event this weekend in Orlando,” he said. “How can this possibly be happening in the United States of America? How can this be happening?”

“We have to have (Muslim) people report other people when they see things happening,” Trump said. “They have to report other people and they’re not doing that.”

Trump accused Clinton of taking “millions” in payoffs from oppressive countries that he claimed are shipping Muslim refugees to America.

“We’re still letting in thousands of people,” Trump said. “They kill gays, and she’s taking money, and now she wants to allow them (Muslims) to come into our country pretty much unvetted. . . . There are no papers, and yet you see this great migration, which is a horrible thing to watch.”

“Hillary wants to bring people in, spend billions and billions of dollars to bring people in, and whether they assimilate or not, you make the decision,” he said.

If the patrons of the Orlando nightclub had been carrying their own firearms, Sunday’s killings would not have happened, Trump said.

“If some people in that club had guns strapped to their waist, strapped to their ankle . . . [you would have seen] nothing like the carnage that we all, as a people, suffered this weekend,” he contended.

Trump repeated an accusation he’s made before, that the Obama administration has conspired with the Clinton not to indict her over her use of a private server to handle her emails when she was secretary of state.

“She’ll basically do whatever Obama wants her to do, you understand why,” Trump claimed. “She’s being totally protected, she’s being 100 percent protected . . . on the crimes that have been committed.”

When an audience member asked about the promised “wall” between the U.S. and Mexico, Trump replied, “Don’t worry about it, we’re going to build a wall, don’t even think about it.”

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