Deadlocked Supreme Court leaves block on Obama immigration order

[private]A tie vote by the U.S. Supreme Court will leave in place a lower court order that blocks the implementation of President Obama’s 2014 executive order on immigration.

The justices were ruling on a lawsuit filed by Republican attorneys general for 26 states, including Georgia, that seeks to overturn the order protecting an estimated five million undocumented immigrants from being deported.

The 4-4 vote on the high court means that an appeals court decision upholding an injunction against Obama’s executive order will stand.

The controversy likely will not be resolved until after the presidential election, when the ninth member of the Supreme Court will presumably be nominated and confirmed.

“The fact that the Supreme Court wasn’t able to issue a decision today doesn’t just set the system back further, it takes us further from the country that we aspire to be,” Obama said.

“The Supreme Court’s action today leaves in place a decision affirming that President Obama cannot evade the Constitution,” Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens said. “Our nation’s laws, the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches, and the Constitution, must be followed.”

“This is a major setback to President Obama’s attempts to expand executive power, and a victory for those who believe in the separation of powers and the rule of law,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

“The court’s indecision leaves thousand of Georgia families in constant fear of deportation,” said Stephanie Cho, executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta. “We hope that congress and the next president can work together to fix our broken immigration system and provide relief to these families.”

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