Olens-KSU rumors surface again

[private]The long-swirling rumors that Attorney General Sam Olens will be moving to Kennesaw State University as the new president have surfaced in the media again.

Dave Williams filed an online story in the Atlanta Business Chronicle reporting that Olens will get the job and will be replaced as attorney general by Chris Carr, currently Gov. Nathan Deal’s commissioner of economic development.

The move of Olens and Carr has been rumored at the capitol for some time, and Olens is known to have been actively lobbying to get the appointment as the fulltime replacement for former KSU president Dan Papp, who resigned in June.

To date, the Board of Regents has yet to vote on the appointment of anyone as the permanent KSU president.

Todd Rehm of the Georgia Pundit website has unearthed a section of the Georgia code that could have some relevance here.

According to O.C.G.A. 45-5-3, the governor can only appoint a replacement for a constitutional officer without having to hold a special election if the vacancy occurs in the final 27 months of office.  In the case of the attorney general, that period won’t start until next month.

The Georgia Constitution also provides that “No person shall be Attorney General unless such person shall have been an active status member of the State Bar of Georgia for seven years.”

As of Wednesday morning, the State Bar of Georgia’s website showed that Carr is currently on inactive status.

Carr may have been on active status for seven years at some point, but he has not been on active status for each of the past seven years.

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