WaPo poll has Clinton leading Trump in Georgia by 4 points

[private]Hillary Clinton holds a four-point lead over Donald Trump among Georgia voters in a SurveyMonkey poll conducted with the Washington Post.

The poll showed Clinton leading Trump by 45-41 percent in Georgia with 9 percent supporting Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2 percent supporting Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  Stein, however, is not on the ballot in Georgia.

The poll of 15 battleground states had Clinton with a decisive lead over Trump in the presidential race, as the two candidates prepared for their third and final debate on Wednesday.

From the Post’s report:

The 2016 campaign has produced apparent shifts in several states — battlegrounds and non-battlegrounds — that could foreshadow more permanent changes in future elections.

Demographic trends have moved several swing states more strongly in the direction of the Democrats this year — Colorado and Virginia are prime examples.

Other states such as Arizona, Georgia and possibly Texas show predicted signs of moving from traditional GOP strongholds to potential future battlegrounds. The demographic changes would put Republicans at an even greater disadvantage in the future if they cannot find a way to appeal to a changing electorate. . . .

The results in Georgia differ from the current average of all recent polls in that state. The Huffpost Pollster average in Georgia gives a Trump a four-point lead while the SurveyMonkey poll puts Clinton ahead by four points.

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