Trump has 4-point Georgia lead in Opinion Savvy poll

[private]Donald Trump stretched his Georgia lead over Hillary Clinton to four points, 50-46 percent, in a poll conducted by Opinion Savvy.

The Opinion Savvy numbers were released on Friday, the same day that an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed Trump leading Clinton by 44-42 percent in Georgia.

Opinion Savvy said Clinton was leading among early voters by 52-47 percent and voters in the 30-44 age range by 59-41 percent. Trump was beating Clinton 62-37 percent among voters 65 and older and by 14 points among men voters, with Clinton leading Trump by 5 percent among women voters.

The poll had U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson ahead of Democratic challenger Jim Barksdale by 51-42 percent, making it the first to show Isakson above the 50 percent level needed to avoid a runoff election.

Priorities USA spending in Georgia

Hillary Clinton’s campaign hasn’t allocated any campaign funds to Georgia yet, but the Priorities USA super-PAC has dropped some major dollars here for TV ads.

As reported by Mother Jones:

And on Thursday, pro-Clinton super-PAC Priorities USA Action made the latest surprising investment, putting $2 million into ads in Georgia.

It’s a startling turn in a race that just four weeks ago looked like a dead heat. Polling analysts haven’t moved Georgia into toss-up territory yet, but Justin Barasky, communications director for Priorities USA Action, says the super-PAC’s internal polling shows a race that Clinton can win. On Friday morning, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution released a poll showing the race within the margin of error in the Peach State.

The super-PAC chose what it believes is one of its most powerful ads for Georgia. Called “My Daughter Grace,” it features parents whose daughter has spina bifida reacting to footage of Trump mocking a disabled reporter. So far, the ad has run in the Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah media markets. It will run through Election Day.

Early voting here

The Associated Press does an analysis of early voting trends and says that Donald Trump is holding his own in Georgia:

Donald Trump, meanwhile, appears to be holding ground in Ohio, Iowa and Georgia, according to data compiled by The Associated Press. Those are important states for Trump, but not sufficient for him to win the presidency if he loses states like Florida or North Carolina.

“The Trump campaign should be concerned,” said Scott Tranter, co-founder of Optimus, a Republican data analytics firm. His firm’s analysis suggests a “strong final showing for the Clinton campaign” in early voting. . . .

In Georgia, which also does not report party affiliation, both ballot requests and returns from black voters also trailed 2012 levels.

Poitevint’s confident

Despite what the analysts and pundits might say about Georgia turning blue or purple, former state GOP chairman Alec Poitevint is having none of it.  He told Jonathan Easley of The Hill:

“Democrats keep wishing and hoping they can flip Georgia and they love all the news about it being a close race but it’s just not going to happen.  Go ahead and check this column for Trump. Everything people are writing about is not going to happen.”

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