Trump has 49-42% Georgia lead in latest poll

[private]Donald Trump holds a seven-point lead over Hillary Clinton, 49-42 percent, in a poll of Georgia conducted by SurveyUSA for WXIA-TV. Libertarian Gary Johnson has 3 percent support.

In SurveyUSA’s last poll for WXIA in August, Trump had a three-point lead over Clinton.

Among persons who voted early, Trump leads by six points, while the lead rises to eight points among voters who have not yet cast a ballot but who will vote by Nov. 8. The combination of the two groups makes it a seven-point advantage, SurveyUSA said.

SurveyUSA also said:

Trump leads by 58 points among rural men, by 56 points among voters focused on immigration, by 46 points among evangelical voters, by 44 points among whites, by 37 points among rural women, by 28 points among seniors, by 26 points in Northwest GA (which includes Dalton, Rome and 53 counties to the North and West of Greater Atlanta), by 26 points among college-educated whites, by 22 points among middle-income voters and by 18 points among high-school educated men.

Clinton holds 93% of the Democratic base and leads among moderates by 17 points. Although she does have a 21-point edge among just suburban women, when all women statewide are compiled, Clinton leads by just 4 points, not enough to overcome Trump’s 21-point advantage among men statewide.

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