Perdue had to wait a while, but is nominated for ag secretary

[private]After dangling the job in front of him for several weeks, president-elect Donald Trump has now nominated former governor Sonny Perdue to be secretary of agriculture in the new administration.

Perdue’s name first surfaced for cabinet position more than a month ago but he was one of the last persons to be named to Trump’s cabinet.

“I could not be more proud of my cousin, Sonny, for being named the next Secretary of Agriculture,” Sen. David Perdue said. “I am confident Sonny will work hard to advance smart agriculture policies that will help our farmers, ranchers, and rural communities across the country.”

Perdue is the second Georgian nominated for a Trump cabinet job. U.S. Rep. Tom Price is the choice to head the department of health and human services, although the Senate has yet to vote on either nomination.

Perdue, 70, was a state senator for nearly 12 years before running for governor in 2002. He campaigned hard for the support of Confederate-flag waving voters who were outraged that the Civil War emblem had been removed from the state flag.

Perdue upset incumbent Roy Barnes in one of the biggest upsets in Georgia’s political history and opened the door to a Republican takeover of state government.

During his first term as governor, Perdue signed a bill that had snuck through the legislature giving him a tax break valued at $100,000 on some property he purchased.

The tax gift didn’t become public knowledge until 2006, when Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter James Salzer broke the story in the middle of Perdue’s reelection campaign. The resulting scandal didn’t hurt Perdue in the general election, as he easily won a second term in office.

Perdue has been out of elective office since his second term ended in 2010, although his name was occasionally floated as a potential candidate in future races.

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