At the Supreme Court, it’s “All Rise Up!”

[private]You won’t often see the nine justices on the Georgia Supreme Court wearing baseball caps along with their formal robes, but Tuesday was an exception.

Before listening to their scheduled slate of afternoon appeals, the justices held a brief rally in support of the Atlanta Falcons in their upcoming Super Bowl matchup with the New England Patriots.

The long-established tradition is for the justices to file into their seats after the bailiff shouts, “All rise!” to the courtroom audience.SupremeCourtfalconfans

On Tuesday, however, that command was changed to “Rise Up!” as the justices donned Falcons’ caps.

“It’s been a great season, and now it’s time for all Falcons fans to Rise up!” said Chief Justice Harris Hines, himself a former high school football player. The jurists then rose from their seats and yelled, “Go Falcons!”

It was said to be the first time this had ever happened at the normally straitlaced Supreme Court.

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