House moves to quash ‘sanctuary campuses’

[private]The Georgia House voted Wednesday to punish private colleges and universities that classify themselves as “sanctuary campuses” and don’t hand over undocumented students to federal law enforcement agencies.

House members voted 112-57, largely along party lines, to pass HB 37, which would cut off all state funding to these sanctuary campuses.

The only Republican who voted against the measure was Rep. Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger).

The bill was introduced after Emory and Agnes Scott officials said they would consider becoming sanctuary campuses, but neither college actually took that step.

Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs) said the bill was similar to a state law that already provides for state funds to be cut off to “sanctuary cities.”

“Lawbreaking 101 is not an acceptable course in our universities,” Ehrhart said. “If you don’t follow the law, public funds are not going to follow you.”

Rep. Stacey Evans (D-Smyrna) said that cutting off funds to private campuses would harm citizen students who haven’t broken any laws.

“Do you want to punish citizen students who attend that same private college by cutting off their HOPE scholarship dollars and tuition equalization grant dollars?” Evans asked. “I submit that the answer should be no.”

“Let’s not punish the innocent for someone else’s actions,” Evans said.

HB 37 now moves to the state Senate for consideration.

On the same day that the House passed HB 37, another immigration bill, HB 452, was introduced by Rep. Jesse Petrea (R-Savannah).

HB 452 would require the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to post on its website the names of non-documented immigrants who have been arrested, detained, incarcerated, or convicted during immigration and criminal law enforcement investigations in the state.

Every city and county jail would be required to provide to the GBI a monthly list of all inmates who are not citizens of the United States. This information would also be posted on the GBI website. The jail would also have to provide the names of all non-citizens who have been released from custody.

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