Ga. senators back Trump’s immigration ban

[private]Georgia Sens. Johnny Isakson and David Perdue were quick to issue statements supporting Donald Trump’s latest attempt at an executive order that would prohibit persons from predominantly Muslim nations entering the U.S.

“I appreciate President Trump’s willingness to start over after the initial rollout of this policy resulted in confusion and legal challenges,” Isakson said.

“As the administration moves forward with implementation of this revised executive order, it is my hope that President Trump will continue to consult with the national security team he has assembled so that security measures are properly applied and do not infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans,” Isakson added.

“President Trump and his national security team have closely examined our vetting procedures for countries with ISIS strongholds and continue to take action to stop ISIS from exploiting our country’s immigration system and refugee programs,” Perdue said.

Trump unveiled a new executive order Monday that is noticeably scaled from an earlier anti-immigrant order that was quickly blocked in federal court.

Under the new order, residents of Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya will undergo a 90-day suspension of visa processing. The original Trump list also included residents of Iraq, but that nation was not included in the new order.

The immigration ban does not affect Muslim countries where Trump has business interests.

The new order will not affect those who have already been issued visas, which is also a change from the original order.

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