Senate passes firefighters’ cancer bill

[private]The Georgia Senate voted 52-0 Thursday to pass legislation (HB 146) that would provide insurance coverage and disability benefits to firefighters diagnosed with cancer.

HB 146 would require fire departments to maintain insurance coverage on their firefighter to pay claims for cancer diagnosed after the firefighter has served at least 12 consecutive months in the department.

The benefits would include a lump-sum payout of $25,000 along with a monthly benefit equal to 60 percent of the monthly salary or a monthly benefit of $5,000, whichever is less. Volunteer firefighters could get a monthly benefit of $1,500.

“This bill seeks to support firefighters in their time of need,” said Sen. John Albers (R-Roswell). “Today, we can turn the tide and let them know we have their backs.”

“This may impact only a select few, but it will mean everything in the world to them and their families,” Albers added.

The House of Representatives has already passed HB 146. The two chambers will now have to agree on a final version of the bill.

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