Political Notes — Slotin hits Democratic groups backing Ossoff in 6th District race

[private]Ron Slotin, one of five Democrats running in the 6th Congressional District special election, sounded off Monday against Democratic Party groups that are backing Jon Ossoff to the exclusion of the other four Democrats.

“Why is the National Democratic Party getting involved in the race for the 6th district and working against four other Democratic candidates that includes a veteran, African-American businesswoman, female doctor and a former Democratic state senator?” Slotin asked in a statement.

“The days of Washington insiders forcing a candidate on us is over,” Slotin added. “We all want to elect a Democrat for this district, but we can’t undermine the democratic process.”

Although Slotin has a record of elective office, serving in the state Senate during the 1990s, Democratic Party groups like the Daily Kos website have thrown their financial support behind Ossoff, a newcomer to running for office.

Ossoff has amassed a reported $3 million for his campaign and is running neck-and-neck with Republican Karen Handel in early polling of the April 18 election.

One of Slotin’s criticisms of Ossoff, a former congressional aide, could have come straight from a Republican: “They are supporting a candidate that does not even live in the district and has never been seen in our community prior to this campaign.”

The 6th District election, which will choose a replacement for Republican Tom Price, includes 11 Republican candidates and two independents in addition to the five Democrats.

Another publication slams Perdue

Sonny Perdue may be wishing he’d never been nominated for agriculture secretary.

The nomination has opened up Perdue’s activities during his two terms as Georgia governor to national media scrutiny, and that scrutiny has been merciless.

The latest publication to take a whack at Perdue is Politico, which recounts several of Perdue’s ethical mishaps from his time as governor.

Ian Kullgren writes:

But the controversy most likely to dog Perdue in confirmation hearings came in 2004, when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that his lawyer intervened on a piece of legislation to give Perdue a $100,000 tax break on a piece of land he bought in Florida.

The bill, signed by Perdue in 2005, gave land buyers temporary relief on capital gains tax in Georgia if they sold land in Georgia and purchased land in another state. During a last crush of bills at the end of the legislative session, state Rep. Larry O’Neal, who was also Perdue’s lawyer, introduced an amendment to make the bill retroactive for a year — covering Perdue’s land near Disney World.

In the ethics paperwork he filed Friday, Perdue said he would recuse himself from decisions that could affect his grain company, AGrowStar, until a promissory note from the company is repaid, and resign from positions with a number of groups, including the National Grain and Feed Association and Georgia Agribusiness Council.

Ethics watchdogs are skeptical.

“This isn’t like draining the swamp,” said Scott Faber, a lobbyist for the Environmental Working Group, a watchdog organization that’s been critical of Perdue. “This is like putting the original swamp monster in charge.”

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