Senate approves space flight liability bill

[private]The state Senate voted 44-6 Thursday to pass legislation (HB 1) that makes space flight companies immune from lawsuits for injuries or deaths to passengers involved in space flights.

The bill is touted by its sponsors as an important factor in spurring the potential development of a future spaceport in Camden County.

The only objection to the bill came from Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson (D-Tucker).

“A company feels safe enough to take the money and profit, but not safe enough to take on any liability,” Henson said. “They don’t want to be liable under a general standard of liability.”

If the House agrees to Senate changes in the bill, it will go to Gov. Nathan Deal for his consideration.

Firefighters’ bill gets final passage

The House voted 168-1 to give final passage to HB 146, which requires fire departments to maintain cancer insurance coverage for firefighters.

House members agreed with Senate changes in the bill, which sends it to governor’s desk.

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