New poll shows Ossoff lead, tests runoff pairings in 6th District

[private]A new poll of the 6th Congressional District race shows Democrat Jon Ossoff still holding a huge lead over a Republican field of candidates headed by Karen Handel.

The poll conducted by Opinion Savvy, however, goes a step further and tests possible head-to-head matchups in a runoff election.

In runoffs against Handel, Bob Gray, or Dan Moody, according to the poll, Ossoff would have a narrow lead. In a runoff against Judson Hill, the two candidates would be virtually tied.

“These results are similar to others we’ve seen in the district, and it’s clear that Democrats have rallied around Ossoff, who commands a 20-point lead over his next rival, Karen Handel,” said Matt Towery of Opinion Savvy.

“Unlike other surveys, we found that Handel is the clear choice of GOP voters, gaining support across several key demographics that will likely prove insurmountable for Republican challengers,” Towery contended.

In its survey of the April 18 election, the poll turned up these levels of support: Ossoff 39.8 percent, Handel 19.9 percent, Gray 10.4 percent, Hill 9.5 percent, Moody 8.0 percent, and none of the other candidates reaching 2 percent.

The head-to-head results in runoffs:

  • Ossoff 42.4 percent; Handel 41.0 percent
  • Ossoff 44.3 percent; Gray 42.3 percent
  • Hill 44.6 percent; Ossoff 44.2 percent
  • Ossoff 45.8 percent; Moody 43.5 percent

“These results should be very encouraging for the Ossoff campaign, especially given the older, more conservative demographic profile of runoff voters.” Towery said, adding the cautionary note that “all of the runoff figures fall within the margin of error.”

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