Endorsements stacking up in 6th District race

[private]Candidates in the 6th Congressional District race are rolling out endorsements Tuesday, as the special election is now only three weeks away — in fact, early voting has already started.

Karen Handel, the Republican leader in the polls, has been endorsed by former senator Saxby Chambliss, who said in a Facebook video:

“Karen’s one of those people that simply gets things done . . . she will do what she says she’s gonna do.”

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat who’s leading in the early polling of this race, has celebrity endorsements from “Who’s The Boss?” star Alyssa Milano and Chris Gorham of “Covert Affairs,” who sent out a series of tweets urging people to vote and “Flip The 6th.”

In one of her tweets, Milano said:  “Chris Gorham and I are ready to canvas. We may end up at your door.”

Former state senator Dan Moody, who’s down in the pack of the 11 Republicans running in the election, was endorsed by U.S. Sen. David Perdue.

“You sent me to Washington as an outsider to help fix a broken system,” Perdue said in a video. “With a new president who isn’t afraid to shake things up, we finally have a real chance. Trust me, we don’t need another career politician up here.”

While Moody isn’t a “career politician,” he’s not exactly a novice. He ran for and was elected to the state Senate at least four times.

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