Political Notes — The appearance of a rat triggers the inevitable jokes

[private]Early Tuesday evening, an animal known by the scientific designation Rattus norvegicus was spotted outside the Senate chamber under the pages’ desk.

The existence of the rodent was verified through a photo taken by the AJC’s Greg Bluestein and the ruminations spread quickly as to its significance.

Lobbyist Andy Freeman tweeted: “Rat just found outside Sen chambers at GA Cap. Doorkeeper stomped it in front of crowd. No word on if mouse was registered lobbyist.”

Rep. Allen Peake followed with: “Just to be clear, that rat was in the Senate, not the House…..just saying…”

Lobbyist Jay Morgan quipped: “He is not a lobbyist. He thought qualifying was still open for GA-6.”

As Freeman noted, someone eventually stomped on the rat and put it out of existence.

“The proximity to the State Senate’s chamber is noted,” lobbyist Neill Herring commented. “This is unlicensed handling of wildlife, but I suppose sovereign immunity must apply.”

Searching for Sen. Perdue

Sen. David Perdue, much to the dismay of his more liberal constituents, has refused to hold any town hall meetings.

The left-leaning groups 159 Georgia Together and the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice have launched a search for the missing senator.

From their announcement:

The Georgia Alliance for Social Justice and 159 Georgia Together, together with a mutual benefactor, have partnered to launch an awareness campaign and we need your help finding our Sen. David Perdue.

You shouldn’t have to pay to see the senator. Starting today, five billboards will be placed in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Savannah, Brunswick and Sea Island (the senator’s home) asking if anyone has seen Sen. Perdue — because his voters have not. Additionally, we have created a missingdavidperdue.com site to help you share this information far and wide.

Haigler, Hodges, will run in 2018

Ken Hodges, the former district attorney for Dougherty County (Albany) said he will run for a vacant seat on the Georgia Court of Appeals in 2018. Hodges ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in 2010.

“The decisions made on the Court of Appeals greatly affect the lives of Georgians and their families in every single community our state,” Hodges said. “The people of Georgia deserve fair judges who bring a diverse and broad range experience to the bench.”

State Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler (D-Lithonia) said she will run for secretary of state, a job that becomes vacant when Brian Kemp runs for governor.

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