Are Ossoff’s odds rising or falling in 6th CD race?

[private]With election day now two weeks away in the 6th Congressionial District race, the center of attention continues to be the Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff.

Ossoff seems to be a sure bet for a runoff with the leading Republican finisher, as the polls show him at 40 percent support or better.

The real question is: can he build off that 40 percent base to win in the first round of balloting without a runoff, or is he already starting to show signs of slippage in that support?

A Republican PAC in Washington says that a poll they commissioned shows Ossoff is starting to slide back among 6th District voters in Cobb, Fulton, and DeKalb counties.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, which has spent more than $2 million on TV ads attacking Ossoff and trying to link him with Democrat Nancy Pelosi, claims that those attack ads are working. As the Washington Examiner reports:

“In just one week, Ossoff has stalled on the ballot, and most importantly, he is now underwater with more voters viewing him unfavorably (38% favorable, 47% unfavorable). This is a large swing from last week when he was +17 (43% favorable, 26% unfavorable),” Republican pollster Greg Strimple wrote, in a polling memo he prepared for CLF.

The memo was obtained by the Washington Examiner; it was first reported by Politico Pro. The poll surveyed 400 likely special election voters. It had a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.

By a margin of 62 percent to 26 percent, voters would prefer a candidate who supports Ryan’s agenda over a candidate who supports that of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Republican insiders still expect a close race. But they’re hopeful that the attention paid to the contest by CLF and the National Republican Congressional Committee, which launched its own ad campaign last week, will ensure that the district performs according to its political leanings.

Over at the White House, however, they’re not quite so sure about that.

Olivia Nuzzi reports in New York Magazine that Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s top strategic adviser, is paying attention to Ossoff’s campaign:

And so Republicans are watching, including rather powerful ones. “Ossoff running smart campaign,” Steve Bannon, the president’s chief strategist, told me in a text. A White House official close to him said he’s preoccupied with what’s happening some 600 miles south of Pennsylvania Avenue.

“It’s something that I’m tracking specifically for Bannon,” the official said, “and keeping an eye on, following all the polls, following the kind of narrative out there — so it’s definitely something we’re paying attention to and the political department’s paying attention to as well.”

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler weighs in with some bad news for Ossoff — he’s looked into the candidate’s work record and concluded that he’s been padding his resume when he talks about his “top security clearance”:

On balance, it seems reasonable for Ossoff to say he spent five years working on national security issues in Congress, even though at least two years of that period overlapped with college work. So the GOP ads mocking him for including his college years as part of experiences are off base. The passage of the Uganda resolution demonstrates he was doing more than just answering phone calls in the office.

But Ossoff is pushing the envelope by referring to his “top-secret security clearance” in almost the same breath. He appears very careful to not connect the two elements in one sentence, but his statements and ads might leave an impression that the 30-year-old held a security clearance for longer than five months.

Kessler decided that Ossoff deserved “One Pinocchio” for overly polishing his resume.

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