Political Notes — Polls agree that Ossoff leading in 6th District, but who’s in second?

[private]Yet another poll is out today that shows Democrat Jon Ossoff above the 40 percent mark in the 6th Congressional District race, but it’s an open question as to which Republican will scramble into second place for an expected runoff.

The Republican polling firm Morning Street Research says its latest survey shows Ossoff at 43 percent – the same percentage as in a poll released Tuesday by SurveyUSA for WXIA-TV.

But after that, the polls diverge.

Morning Street has former secretary of state Karen Handel tied with former state senator Dan Moody in second place at 12 percent. Former state senator Judson Hill is right behind them at 10 percent.

SurveyUSA had Handel at 15 percent, former Johns Creek councilman Bob Gray at 14 percent, Moody at 7 percent, and Hill at 5 percent.

There are some wild swings among the Republican candidates in those two polls, so it appears that Ossoff’s opponent in a runoff (if there is one) remains anyone’s guess.

In related election developments, you knew this was bound to happen.

The Conservative Leadership Fund, a Washington-based PAC that has spent more than $2 million on attack ads against Ossoff, is out with one that tries to link Ossoff with Osama bin Laden (view it here).

The CLF ad claims that Ossoff was paid $5,000 for working for the Al Jazeera news service, so that naturally makes him a “mouthpiece for terrorists” like bin Laden.

This all has a very familiar ring to it. In the 2002 Senate race, Saxby Chambliss aired similar TV commercials linking incumbent Max Cleland to bin Laden.

Another SOS candidate

State Rep. Brad Raffensperger (R-Johns Creek), who’s not yet halfway through his second term in the House, announced that he will run for secretary of state.

“As an engineer, a general contractor and as the owner of a manufacturing business, I’ve worked and built projects in more than 30 states across the country,” he said. “As secretary of state, I will work to ensure Georgia is a friendly place to bring new business.”

His GOP primary opposition will include Rep. Buzz Brockway (R-Lawrenceville).

Fanning’s raise

Southern Co. CEO Tom Fanning will see his annual compensation package increase by more than a third to $15.8 million, according to a company filing with the SEC.

That big pay boost was granted despite the fact that Southern subsidiary Georgia Power is now running about $2 billion over budget and more than three years behind schedule on the Vogtle nuclear reactors.

The compensation increase also happened despite the fact that another Southern subsidiary, Mississippi Power, has now nearly tripled the original estimated cost of $2.4 billion for an experimental “clean coal” generating plant in Kemper County.

As Sierra Club lobbyist Neill Herring noted, “What if he had done a good job instead?”

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