Big $$$ pouring into 6th Congressional District race

[private]The candidates in the 6th Congressional District race are setting a brisk pace for money raising in an off-year election – nearly $10 million so far, with presumably more to be reported.

The biggest fundraiser so far is Democrat Jon Ossoff, whose anti-Trump message has prompted contributors, the bulk of them from out of state, to pour more than $8.3 million into his campaign.

The Ossoff campaign said it had raised $8,320,533 from Jan. 3 through March 29, which they claimed was a record for a quarterly report by a candidate who had not self-financed.

Campaign officials also said that the average contribution to Ossoff was $42.52 from a total of 195,684 contributors.

Ossoff supposedly has $2.13 million cash on hand for the final stretch of the campaign, but his numbers are all unconfirmed at this point – as of 12 noon Thursday, Ossoff had not filed the quarterly report that was due today at the Federal Election Commission.

Karen Handel, one of the leading Republican challengers to Ossoff in the April 18 election, also had not filed her FEC report as of 12 noon. Her campaign said she has raised $463,000 and has more than $183,000 in the bank, but as with Ossoff’s numbers, those are unconfirmed.

One candidate who actually filed with the FEC on time was former state senator Judson Hill of Marietta, who reported raising $473,032 with $113,822 cash on hand.

Other candidates who had not filed the required FEC reports included Bob Gray, Dan Moody, Kurt Wilson, Ron Slotin, Andre Pollard, Rebecca Quigg, David Abroms, Ragin Edwards, Bruce LeVell, and Richard Keatley.

William Llop, a Republican accountant, said he had raised $407,940 in his FEC report, but $406,250 of that was money he loaned his campaign. He still had $254,307 cash on hand.

Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, a Muslim running as a Republican, reported raising $32,785, including a candidate loan of $7,720. He has $13,432 on hand.

Keith Grawert, a U.S. Air Force pilot, raised $51,402, which includes a $30,000 candidate loan. He had cash on hand of $17,296.

Alexander Hernandez, an independent, may be the most frugal candidate in the race. He reported raising $319 but had spent only $5, leaving himself with $314 for the home stretch.

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