A candidate and his money are soon parted

[private]When you review the disclosure reports filed by the candidates in the 6th Congressional District race, one aspect that grabs your attention is the extend to which some candidates are pouring their personal fortunes into the race.

It’s taken for granted that Democrat Jon Ossoff is going to have one of the spots in a runoff election (if a runoff is necessary). That means every other candidate is essentially shooting their wad to gain that other runoff spot.

Here are the ones who are really emptying their personal bank accounts to chase this dream:

Former state senator Dan Moody has raised a total of $2,025,263, with $1,917,363 of that his own money.  To put it another way:  94.7 percent of Moody’s campaign cash is coming out of personal funds.  He has cash on hand of $160,232, so he’s spent nearly all of the personal money he put into his campaign.

Accountant William Llop, who has run other unsuccessful campaigns for elective office, can top Moody’s record.  Llop has raised $407,940, but $406,250 of that amount is his own money: an eye-popping 99.6 percent.

Former Johns Creek councilman Bob Gray has raised $717,500, with $500,000 coming out of his own pocket: 69.7 percent of the total.

Businessman Kurt Wilson has raised $319,068 and $200,000 of that is personal funds, or 62.7 percent.

David Abroms has raised $260,129, with $250,000 of that coming out of his own pocket, or 96.1 percent of the total.

Keith Grawert, a U.S. Air Force pilot, raised $51,402, which includes a $30,000 of personal funds, or 58.4 percent.

Democrat Ron Slotin raised $78,427, but $37,000 was personal funds he put into his campaign, or 47.2 percent.

Remember how the campaign staff of Republican Amy Kremer left her a few weeks ago and went to work for Bob Gray’s campaign?

Kremer’s FEC filing provides the answer to why that happened: she has raised only $4,852 in contributions and put $15,000 of her own money into the race, which is 75.6 percent of her total.

According to the FEC filings, a combined total of $13.24 million has been raised by the 6th District candidates.

The personal funds expended in this campaign total $3.36 million, or 25.4 percent of the total money raised.

The three major candidates who have avoided the self-funding approach are Ossoff, along with Republicans Karen Handel and Judson Hill.

Ossoff has reported raising just over $8.3 million, which amounts to 62.8 percent of all the money raised. Handel has raised $463,744 and Hill has raised $473,032.

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