GOP poll has Ossoff at 39%, four Republicans scrambling for second

[private]A new Republican poll of the 6th Congressional District race has Democrat Jon Ossoff in his customary leader’s position with four Republicans virtually tied in the fight for a possible runoff spot.

The RRH Elections survey, released just five days before the April 18 election, has Ossoff at 39 percent, Karen Handel at 15 percent, Bob Gray at 12 percent, Dan Moody at 11 percent and Judson Hill at 10 percent.

With a 5 percent margin of error among the poll’s 321 respondents, Handel, Gray, Moody, and Hill are all essentially tied for the runnerup slot.

Trailing behind that group is Democrat Ron Slotin at 4 percent, Republican David Abroms at 3 percent, and Bruce LeVell, who touts himself as Donald Trump’s former “diversity chief,” polling at zero percent.

“Overall Ossoff is well short of the 50 percent mark needed to win outright, though he hits that mark among those who have already voted,” RRH said. “The six most prominent Republicans combined lead the two most prominent Democrats combined by a margin of 51-43.”

Among those in the RRH sample who have already voted, Ossoff holds 50 percent of the vote with Handel at 13 percent. Among those who have yet to vote, Ossoff is at 35 percent and Handel at 16 percent.

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