Two late polls show 6th CD race still headed for a runoff

[private]Two late polls of the 6th Congressional District race show that Democrat Jon Ossoff continues to holds a commanding lead over his Republican opponents, but is still a few points short of a first-round knockout.

A Landmark Communications poll has Ossoff at 45.3 percent, followed by Karen Handel (17.4 percent), Bob Gray (8.6 percent), Dan Moody (8.4 percent) and Judson Hill (8 percent).

None of the other candidates drew more than 3 percent support, said Mark Rountree of Landmark.

“What’s interesting to me is that Ossoff’s strongest base of support is among millennials,” Rountree said. “These are also the voters who are historically the least likely to actually get out and vote on election day, regardless of how they answer polls.”

A poll by Opinion Savvy has Ossoff at 41.5 percent, Handel at 21.2 percent, Hill at 11.3 percent, Gray at 10.6 percent and Moody at 9.4 percent.

Unless Ossoff draws 50 percent plus one vote on Tuesday, he’ll be thrown into a June 20 runoff. Both polls indicate that his runoff opponent would be Handel.

The Opinion Savvy poll included hypothetical matchups in a runoff election:

  • Ossoff 44.1 percent, Handel 42.1 percent
  • Ossoff 46.3 percent, Gray 44.9 percent
  • Ossoff 46.6 percent, Hill 44.4 percent.
  • Moody 47.6 percent, Ossoff 45.3 percent

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