Deal hasn’t acted on campus carry — but he sounds very positive about the bill

[private]Gov. Nathan Deal said Tuesday that the answer is still “I have not” to the oft-asked question of whether he has decided to sign or veto the controversial campus carry bill (HB 280).

But if the governor is trying to send any signals, then it may be time for the bill’s pro-gun supporters to get ready to celebrate.

Deal had nothing but positive things to say about the newest version of the firearms bill that he vetoed last year, particularly the exemptions in the bill that would still keep guns out of several college campus locales:

“I would just point out that it is a very different bill than what was presented to me last year. My concerns that I had expressed then, most of them have been addressed, as well as additional areas that they added on their own.

“In terms of dual-enrolled high school students, [they] are now in an excluded category, as is a campus that has a college and career facility located on campus.

“That, plus expansion into the areas of offices of professors as well as in areas where disciplinary hearing are taking place. So, they’ve gone a long way, I think, to try to make it as foolproof as possible to try to protect against unintended consequences.

“So I’m taking all that into account. I think we have to acknowledge that they’ve come a long way from where they were, say, five years ago. And we have seen various iterations of this legislation from its purest form of having no exclusions to the one that they presented this year.”

Deal is being pressed by individuals and organizations on both sides of the gun carry issue to either sign or veto HB 280.

Deal has already signed a minor gun carry bill, HB 406, which makes a small revision to the state’s requirements for reciprocity in recognizing gun carry licenses issued in other states, particularly Virginia.

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