Senate District 32 race headed for a runoff

[private]Democrat Christine Triebsch and Republican Kay Kirkpatrick made it into a nine-week runoff campaign for the Senate District 32 seat vacated by Judson Hill.

Triebsch, an attorney, finished first Tuesday in a field of eight candidates with 24 percent of the vote while Kirkpatrick, a retired orthopedic surgeon, was second with 21 percent. They will decide the race in a May 16 runoff.

Kirkpatrick was far and away the most well-funded candidate in this special election, raising more than $308,000. Triebsch reported raising only $5,000, yet finished ahead of Kirkpatrick.

Republicans Roy Daniels, Gus Makris, Matt Campbell and Hamilton Beck fell by the wayside as did Democrats Bob Wiskind and Exton Howard. Makris was publicly endorsed by Gov. Nathan Deal, but he still finished with just 10 percent of the vote.

The Cobb County district’s Republican lean showed up in the vote totals.

The five Republican candidates combined for 61 percent of the vote while the three Democrats accounted for 39 percent of the vote.

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