Deal signs tax breaks, fishing license fee increase

[private]Gov. Nathan Deal signed three bills Tuesday that provide tax breaks for selected recipients plus a bill that increases the fees outdoorsmen will pay for hunting licenses, fishing licenses, and boat registrations.

The tax bills include:

HB 199 provides tax credits for video game and film post production companies, similar to tax credits adopted earlier for TV and movie producers. The financial impact of this bill has been estimated at $82.5 million.

HB 265 expands the Quality Jobs income tax credit and provides a sales tax exemption for the Woodruff Arts Center. The financial impact is estimated at $8.5 million.

HB 196 was originally intended to provide a tax exemption on the royalties paid to musicians, but by the time it passed the Legislature it had been transformed into a bill that provides a property tax refund to disabled veterans who receive a final determination of disability that contains a retroactive period of eligibility.

HB 208, which Deal signed at a Department of Natural Resources facility in Brunswick, will raise the state’s hunting, fishing, and boating registration fees.

The higher fees will enable the DNR to receive more federal funds that would be used to upgrade wildlife and fisheries management, hire additional law enforcement officers.

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