Pay raises for college presidents are more modest this year

[private]Georgia’s college presidents are receiving relatively modest pay raises this year from the Board of Regents, in contrast to past years.

The regents approved merit increases last week that range from 1.5 percent to 4 percent for the people at the top of the public colleges and universities.

Georgia Tech President G. P. “Bud” Peterson and Georgia State University President Mark Becker saw slight improvements to their status as the two “millionaire” presidents.

Peterson’s total compensation was bumped to $1,135,710, thanks to a $20,142 increase that pushed his base pay to $691,544.  Becker now makes $1,094,951 total since his base pay has been hiked $16,312 to $560,051.

The new pay scale for other presidents —

  • Jere Morehead, University of Georgia: $24,029 increase to total compensation of $860,843.
  • Brooks Keel, Augusta University: $23,735 increase to total compensation of $838,828.
  • Kyle Marrero, University of West Georgia: $11,683 increase to $348,559.
  • Paul Jones, Fort Valley State: $10,918 increase to $350,068.
  • Steve Dorman, Georgia College: $10,761 increase to $324,604.
  • Jaimie Hebert, Georgia Southern: $10,500 increase to $393,300.
  • Stanley Preczewski, Georgia Gwinnett: $9,845 increase to $297,170.
  • Donald Green, Georgia Highlands: $8,607 increase to $264,987.
  • Christopher Markwood, Columbus State: $8,526 increase to $337,526.
  • David Bridges, Abraham Baldwin: $8,422 increase to $251,794.
  • Cheryl Dozier, Savannah State: $7,683 increase to $296,603.
  • Robert Boehmer, East Georgia: $7,442 increase to $226,309.
  • Christopher Blake, Middle Georgia: $7,346 increase to $327,246.
  • Sam Olens, Kennesaw State: $5,832 increase to $435,832.
  • Richard Carvajal, Valdosta State: $5,740 increase to $341,340.
  • Margaret Venable, Dalton State: $5,739 increase to $238,267.
  • Arthur Dunning, Albany State: $5,582 increase to $350,907.
  • Bonita Jacobs, North Georgia: $4,822 increase to $299,371.
  • Gary McGaha, Atlanta Metropolitan: $3,856 increase to $229,493.
  • Thomas Hynes, Clayton State: $3,403 increase to $263,102.
  • Max Burns, Gordon State: $2,875 increase to $235,750.

The pay raises approved by the regents this year are a far cry from two years ago, when they okayed huge increases for Peterson and Becker that pushed both presidents past the $1 million compensation level.

Peterson received a 50 percent increase in his base pay in 2015 while Becker was given a $500,000 bonus in addition to his standard compensation package.

Those whopping pay raises caught the attention of others in academia.

In 2016, Becker and Peterson both ranked among the 10 highest paid university presidents in America, under a listing compiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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