Political Notes — In the 6th District race, it’s spend and spend some more

[private]It’s already been reported by numerous media outlets that total spending in the 6th Congressional District race has surpassed a record-breaking $30 million.

Shall we try for $40 million?

The Washington-based PACs are continuing to pump millions into this special election, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) disclosing it will spend another $2 million in support of Democrat Jon Ossoff.

That amount will include $1.5 million spent on TV ads, with the rest going for radio and newspaper ads targeting black voters and “get out the vote” digital and mail distributions.

That would bring the DCCC’s total contributions to nearly $5 million.

While impressive, that total doesn’t quite reach what the Congressional Leadership Fund, a PAC aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, is spending in support of Republican Karen Handel: a cool $6.6 million.

The Congressional Leadership Fund says it is buying air time for more radio spots attacking Ossoff and putting another 45 field workers in the district to contact 100,000  more households.

With nearly four weeks to go before the June 20 runoff, there should be more than sufficient time to hit the $40 million mark.

Kemp’s for Karen

As the state’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s job responsibilities require him to ensure that elections are run fairly and legally.

In the 6th Congressional District runoff, Kemp is also taking on the additional role of fundraiser and vote solicitor for one of the candidates involved, Republican Karen Handel.

Here’s an excerpt from a fundraising email sent out by Kemp on Tuesday:

Being pro-life is more than just a bullet-point on a campaign flyer.  It’s a core component of who I am as a Christian and a fundamental principle that guides my decision making process as a public servant.

When it comes to protecting life – from conception to natural death – we need a fighter in Washington who won’t back down to the special interests or well-funded agitators.

That’s why I’m proud to support Karen Handel as Georgia’s next Member of Congress and I’m asking you to stand with me.

Like her predecessor, Dr. Tom Price, we can count on Karen to represent our conservative, Georgia values in Washington. Karen Handel is a proven leader in the pro-life movement and I am confident that she will work tirelessly in Congress to protect life at all costs.

With left-wing activists and abortion advocates working so hard to elect Jon Ossoff, we need to work together and secure victory for Karen in the Special Run-Off Election on June 20.

The Georgia Life Alliance Action Fund is putting together a big push in the final weeks of the campaign but they need your help to fund this important initiative.

Click HERE and join me as we work to elect Karen Handel, protect the right to life, and ensure a bright and promising future for our community, state, and country!

Reading too much into it?

House Speaker David Ralston gave a brief speech Monday to a rural development council meeting held in Tifton.

The speaker’s remarks included this passage:

Let me be clear here today. I intend for my focus, this year and next, to be where it has always been, and that is on the Georgia House of Representatives and the good people of Georgia that we represent. I can’t think of anything more important than helping in some small way to see this council succeed in making sure that the concept of two Georgias is finally, and once and for all, cast into the dustbin of our history as a state.

The good people at the conservative website Georgiapol.com interpreted those sentences as proof that Ralston has decided not to run for governor next year: “Casey Cagle can breathe a sigh of relief (probably). In remarks delivered on Monday at a meeting of the House Rural Development Council in Tifton, House Speaker David Ralston indicated he is not running for governor in 2018.”

They may be reading a little too much into that passage. There’s a whole lot of wiggle room in Ralston’s statement that could allow him to continue working in the 2018 legislative session on rural development issues and still get ready to run a statewide campaign if he so chooses.

Time, of course, will tell.

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