At Georgia colleges, guns and tailgating do mix

[private]If you decide to attend a football game at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium, it’s illegal to carry a gun inside the facility.

But if you’re tailgating and drinking with your friends right outside the stadium — fire away.

That’s the message from University System officials to the state’s public colleges in their guidelines for implementing the campus carry law that takes effect July 1.

In a three-page letter to the University System “community,” Chancellor Steve Wrigley outlines the areas on college campuses where it will still be against the law to tote firearms.

“This exception includes stadiums, gymnasiums and similar facilities in which intercollegiate games are staged (but does not extend to so-called ‘tailgating’ areas where fans may congregate outside the gates of the sports facility),” Wrigley wrote.

While the Board of Regents and University System officials lobbied against the campus carry bill, Wrigley’s letter acknowledged that the bill will become law and must be implemented.

” I understand that many of you have strong feelings about this bill,” Wrigley said in his letter. “Yet, whether you opposed or supported the legislation, it will soon be state law, and I respectfully ask everyone to exercise patience, understanding and respect as we implement it.”

There is still a grudging note deep within the letter, however.

“It will be the responsibility of those license-holders who choose to carry handguns on campus to know the law and to understand where they can go while carrying,” Wrigley writes. “Institutions will not provide gun storage facilities or erect signs outside restricted areas.”

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