Political Notes — Abrams releases TV spot as she launches campaign

[private]State Rep. Stacey Abrams (D-Atlanta) got her campaign for governor underway over the weekend with a rally in Albany and the release of an image-burnishing TV spot.

She called for an administration that can bring some unity to a state where there is a wide economic disparity between Metro Atlanta and outlying rural areas such as the southwest Georgia region that surrounds Albany.

“Atlanta cannot live without Albany, and Albany cannot live without the investments that come from Atlanta,” Abrams said. “We need to talk to those forgotten voters, the ones who are rarely talked about. I am running for governor because we need a governor who comes from a town like Albany. Where we begin does not dictate what we become.”

Albany was both welcoming and not-so-welcoming territory for Abrams to launch a statewide race.

Her sister, Leslie Abrams, is a federal judge who lives and works in Albany, but Albany is also the home district of state Rep. Winfred Dukes, who has criticized Abrams’ leadership of the House Democratic Caucus and ran unsuccessfully against her last year for the post of minority leader.

In tandem with the campaign rally, Abrams released a 60-second TV spot (view it here) that serves as an introduction to the Georgia voters who don’t know who she is.

The commercial consists of scenes that appear to have been taped at a Sunday dinner attended by Abrams and the members of her extended family. The spot could well have been inspired by those family-centered commercials that Publix grocery stores airs every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With one Stacey now officially in the race for the Democratic nomination, the next campaign launch awaits Rep. Stacey Evans (D-Smyrna).

Austin Scott has an opponent

It looks like U.S. Rep. Austin Scott (R-Tifton) will have opposition in the 8th Congressional District’s Republican primary next year.

Danny Ellyson, an Iraq War veteran and Georgia National Guard recruiter, says he will run for the 8th District seat as a Republican who would be part of a “Brand New Congress” that is not endorsed by the Republican National Committee.

“Here in the 8th district – and throughout our state – we see tremendous wealth and growth, but far too little of it finds its way to our poorest counties,” Ellyson said. “I’m running on a platform of foundational reform that will free Congress to work for the people as the Constitution intended.”

Another House study committee appointed

House Speaker David Ralston has appointed a House Study Committee on Low-Income Housing Tax Credits that will examine the effectiveness of the low-income housing tax credits program.

The members include Reps. Dale Rutledge (R-McDonough), the chairman, along with Johnnie Caldwell (R-Thomaston), Spencer Frye (D-Athens), Trey Kelley (R-Cedartown), and Demetrius Douglas (D-Stockbridge).

Executive appointments

The governor’s office announced the following appointments to state boards and commissions —

Aviation Hall of Fame Board: Ron Prox of Roswell, a flight instructor and examiner for Delta Global Services.

Board of the Superior Court Clerks’ Retirement Fund of Georgia: Christine Butcher Hayes of Atlanta, the director of governmental affairs for the State Bar of Georgia.

Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council: Rick Story of Clayton, the vice president of economic development at North Georgia Technical College.

REACH Foundation Board: Troy Bland of St. Simons, the chief operating officer of Bland Farms in Glennville.

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